Darshan Academy, Jalandhar Junior Wing
To make the students fit and active, recreational games were organized in Darshan Academy Jalandhar, Basti Nau. Students were provided with different challenges and adventures. Recreational games give our students positive traits such as confidence, self-respect, self-esteem, trust, self-reliance and leadership abilities.
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A storytelling competition was held for the students of pre-primary to grade 2. Students were asked to prepare and deliver a story with voice modulation and expression. Some children were natural storytellers who were at ease narrating the stories. These were good stories that included 
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An orientation programme was organised for the parents of the pre-primary wing to familiarise them with the philosophy and teaching techniques followed at Darshan Academy, Jalandhar Basti Nau, on April 5, 2023. A presentation was shown that highlighted parents’ crucial roles in shaping students’ destinies. 
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Our soul, which is of the same essence as God, finds bliss in the presence of pure consciousness.  

- Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj